The New TST 507 Series TPMS
Viair 12V Portable Compressors

Introducing the all New TST 507 Series Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System with New Wide Display Color Monitor, available in both Color or Monochrome, and with non-Flow Through Cap Sensors or Flow Through Sensors.

This is TST's latest UPGRADE to the TST 507 TPMS.  If you currently own a TST 507 TPMS, The NEW Color Monitor is Compatible with your existing wheel sensors and the monitor can be ordered separately.

In addition to the features found on the existing TST Black & White monitor, the New Wide Display Color Monitor has the following additional features:

  • Larger/brighter display

  • Alarms displayed in “Plain English”. (LO PRESSURE, HI PRESSURE, HI TEMP, FAST LEAK)

  • Add Sensors to and monitor up to 4 different trailers

  • HI TEMP alarm adjustable as LOW as you desire (Black & white monitor lowest temp is 158 degrees)

  • Drop (stop monitoring) not only the trailer/towed vehicle but also the towing vehicle

  • Automatically drops any towing or towed trailer/vehicle not in range

  • Built-in antenna to eliminate potential broken antenna issues

  • USB Charging with Micro-USB connector

  • Compatible with all existing 507 wheel sensors


  • 507 Color Monitor

  • Non-flow through cap or Flow Through sensors (4 - 38)

  • 2 sensor installation wrenches or allen wrenches

  • Extra Sensor Parts

  • Suction Cup Mount

  • Rubberized Dash Mount

  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter

  • USB to Micro-USB Charging Cable

  • Repeater (Booster)

  • User Guide

  • 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty

VIAIR portable air compressors and tire inflators (except automatic models) are shipped complete with an open-ended (free-flowing) air delivery hose. All models from 300P up to 450P-Automatic are equipped with a quick-connect coupling, a pressure gauge, an air filter element with replaceable air filtration media, a vibration-resistant sand tray, and a deluxe carry bag for simple stowage and increased portability.


Great RV Products Primarily stocks the 400P-RV and 450P-RV Automatic 12V Compressors.  The RV models offer automatic shut-off in a larger portable compressor kit that can inflate 35 or 37-inch tires, respectively, from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 5 minutes to a little over 5 minutes depending on the model. While these units are intended for RV use, they can be used for virtually any tire since it comes with more accessories for more varied inflating situations than any other portable compressor kit on the market today.

Portable compressors with automatic shutoff come into play when moving from tire to tire, and when checking tire pressure in the middle of a tire fill. A typical portable compressor must be turned off between tire fills, and anytime you want to check tire pressure. If you aren’t near the compressor, this can turn into running laps back and forth to the portable compressor to turn the unit on and off. Automatic portables do not work in this fashion and will save you time & effort to get tires inflated quickly.

The 400P-RV Automatic is a 150 PSI / 2.30 CFM compressor with a 33% duty cycle and the 450P-RV is a 150 PSI / 1.8 CFM compressor with a 100% duty cycle.

Some Features of the "RV" model Compressors:

- Automatic Shut-Off Function
- Primary & Extension Air Hoses
- Vibration-Resistant Diamond-Plate Sand Tray
- Heat Shielded Quick Connect Coupling
- Gas Station-Style Tire Gun with 160 PSI Gauge
- Heavy Duty Dual Battery Clamps with Inline Fuse
- 45-Degree Extended Reach Chuck (For Dual Rear Wheels)
- 90-Degree Twist-On Chuck
- Heavy Duty Deluxe Carry Bag
- 3 pc. Inflation Tips Kit

12V Water Pumps
Want to move water fast? USA Adventure Gear’s Line of 12 Volt DC Water Pumps pump from 3 to 5 gallons per minute (depending on model) and are designed to work with standard garden hose connections using 12-Volt DC power. Pump water into RV and Marine holding tanks without the lifting and pouring ever again.


  • Ready to use

  • Whisper quiet

  • Run dry with no damage

  • Self-Priming

  • Approved for potable water use

  • No assembly required


  • Uses standard Shurflo Pumps

  • Approved for potable water use

  • Pumps up to 3 to 5 gallons per min (depending on model)

  • 55 PSI Pressure Sensing On Demand Switch

  • Standard garden water hose connections*

  • Operates using 12 Volts DC through battery clips or car lighter plug (included)

  • Lightweight carry case with handle for easy storage

  • Dimensions 12.8 x 5.5 x 10.8 inches, Weight 8 LBS

  • Lead-free hose and brass couplings

  • 2-year warranty from the date of original purchase

  • Manufactured in the USA with 70% USA Parts

  • For water use ONLY. No chemicals, fuels, or oils

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