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The “RVS” tire inflator line is designated as “RV-Safe”, because they are specifically designed and tested for the RV market. Tire inflators are essential for all RV’ers. And, with VIAIR’s portable air solutions, RV’ers don’t have to waste time locating the nearest gas station or risk being stuck on the side of the road.  Call for models and pricing

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TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring Systems from Truck System Technologies (TST) are a great choice for monitoring your tires on any Motorhome, Towed RV, Trailer or Towed Vehicle.  That includes Cargo, Horse, Car Hauler, and Camping Trailers/Caravans.

TST has redesigned it's Monitor/Displays on their 507 Series Systems to offer a choice of "Color" or "Monochrome" displays.  The new displays are Larger, and offer additional features such as alarms displayed in "Plain English", ability to monitor up to 4 different trailers, and up to 38 Tires.  Take a look at all the Great.....

RV Specific 12V Portable Tire Inflators

"Air When You Need It"

"Peace of Mind When You Don't"


VIAIR Corporation offers the most comprehensive line of fractional horsepower DC oil-less air compressors & air accessories. Their compressors and components are leaders in the on-road and off-road markets. Since 1998, our quality-engineered products have become the industry standard in the automotive aftermarket, and can be found across industrial, medical, and agricultural applications.

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